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 eine Armee in Marsch setzen »
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eine Armee in Marsch setzen  
von melli66 (DE), 2019-09-06, 18:45  like dislike  Spam?  
Der General setzte seine Armee in Marsch...
Hier im Dictionary finde ich: March sb. off (mil.)
Kann ich tatsächlich sagen: The general marched his army off?
OED  #912075
von sunfunlili (DE/GB), 2019-09-06, 19:48  like dislike  Spam?
"  3. transitive.
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a. To cause (a person, army) to march or move in military order.
?1591   T. Coningsby Jrnl. Siege Rouen (Harl. 288) 22 in Camden Misc. (1847) I   Our army was marched..within a myle of Roan, where the rendezvous was appoynted.
a1616   W. Shakespeare King John (1623) iii. i. 172   [Shall we] Vn-sweare faith sworne, and on the marriage bed Of smiling peace to march a bloody hoast?
1642   in Buccleuch MSS (Hist. MSS Comm.) (1899) I. 527   There are great numbers both of horse and foot raised and marched into divers parts of this our Kingdom.
1677   Earl of Orrery Treat. Art of War 69   I would march my Army in two or three several Bodies divers wayes.
1701   N. Luttrell Diary in Brief Hist. Relation State Affairs (1857) V. 9   That they may be ready to march them on any occasion.
1720   D. Defoe Mem. Cavalier 69   As they were wheel'd, or marched, or retreated by their Officers.
1780   J. Reid in J. Sparks Corr. Amer. Revol. (1853) III. 20   They absolutely refuse to march the drafts to the army.
1840   F. Marryat Olla Podrida I. vii. 60   The French marched an army of non-intervention down to the citadel.
1892   G. F. Northall Eng. Folk-Rhymes 99   O, the mighty Duke of York, With his twenty thousand men, He marched them up a very high hill, And he marched them down again.
1961   Amer. Heritage Bk. Indians 76/1   Topa Inca..marched his mace-men and peltists..down into Chile.
1992   A. W. Eckert Sorrow in our Heart viii. 474   Wayne marched his army down the remaining distance of the Auglaize to its mouth.
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b. To cause (a person) to walk or go, to force to go; to conduct (esp. in a military manner). Also to march off.
1779   W. Scot Let. 1 Oct. in B. Franklin Papers (1993) XXX. 428   We expects Orders every Day to be Marchd with the Other prisoners to some other prison.
1847   Knickerbocker 29 329   Early the next morning the ‘floaters’ were marched..with votes in hand, to the ballot box.
1884   Manch. Examiner 4 June 4/7   Many a Persian peasant..has been marched off captive by Turcoman slave-raiders.
1896   ‘M. Field’ Attila ii. 45   I should be glad to march you to the gate.
1926   D. H. Lawrence Plumed Serpent xvi. 248   The officer spoke two words, they saluted and marched off their prisoner.
1980   J. M. Coetzee Waiting for Barbarians iv. 117   They march me out of the yard.
1987   C. Achebe Anthills of Savannah ii. 14   Professor Okong was marched in by a fierce orderly.   "

The general marched off his army.
Many thanks for your great help!   #912076
von melli66 (DE), 2019-09-06, 20:02  like dislike  Spam?  
he got the army / troops on the move  #912078
von RedRufus (DE), 2019-09-06, 20:49  like dislike  Spam?  
Danke!  #912079
von melli66 (DE), 2019-09-07, 09:25  like dislike  Spam?  
to set an army in motion  #912083
von Proteus-, 2019-09-07, 21:53  like dislike  Spam?  193.83.22...
[SPAM] #912087
von baneranicola414 (DE), 2019-09-08, 03:40  like dislike  
Proteus  #912096
von melli66 (DE), 2019-09-08, 14:18  like dislike  Spam?  
Vielen Dank!
von Sasso', 2019-09-09, 15:06  like dislike  Spam?  193.187.3...
4;19:48 Die Definition "to march someone = to cause (a person) to walk or go, to force to go; to conduct (esp. in a military manner) deckt sich nicht mit der Definition von "in Marsch setzen".
Sasso  #912113
von melli66 (DE), 2019-09-09, 15:42  like dislike  Spam?  
Das dachte ich mir. Danke für die Bestätigung!

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